Digital Health

Collaboration requests Digital Health

We have a broad network of experts in medical informatics, bioinformatics and data science and offer collaborations in preclinical and clinical research. 

  • Development of AI applications in medicine
  • Support in clinical decisions and machine learning
  • Clinical trials to develop health care apps - our CRO (Translational Clinical Research Infrastructure MHHClinical Trials Unit UMG) can organize the clinical trial for your digital app in almost all clinical entities. 
  • Research projects between clinical medicine and informatics - each year we fund up to 10 medical students (doctoral thesis) and informatics students (master thesis) to work on a joint project of digital medicine. The program DigiStrucMed is funded by Else Kröner Fresenius Stiftung.


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MTA (material transfer agreement) and NDA (non-disclosure agreement) templates are available on request. The forms can be customized in consultation with the accounting departments.