Collaboration Possibilities

Here we provide information how academic and industry partners can collaborate with us

The CCC-N offers a variety of possiblities for academic or industry collaboration requests.

Our experienced scientists and facilities can support you in drug development (preclinical and clinical) and biomarker development (target identification and verification and validation in samples).

Furthermore, specific tumor samples and in vivo models from various tumor entities are available. We also have a broad network of bioinformaticians and data specialists at the CCC-N who can support you in your preclinical and clinical research. 

Therapy Development & Target Identification

Support for target identification, preclinical; and clinical therapy development.

Biomarker Development

Learn more about collaboration possibilities that support you with target verification and validation in patient samples.

Tumor Samples & in vivo Models

List of available patient samples from various tumor entities and tumor models

Digital Health

Experts in bioinformatics and data science can support you with your research in digital health topics in preclinical and clinical research.

Clinical Trials at the CCC-N

Clinical trials are supported by central coordination and clinical trial units at the MHH or the UMG.


Information about our partners and collaborators.


Open Requests are Welcome

Please fill out the contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

MTA (material transfer agreement) and NDA (non-disclosure agreement) templates are available on request. The forms can be customized in consultation with the accounting departments.