Tumor Samples & in vivo Models

Tumor Samples:

  • AML patient cells
  • MDS patient cells
  • CMML patient cells
  • breast samples
  • lung samples
  • liver samples 
  • pancreatic samples
  • brain samples
  • melanoma

Tumor Models:

  • AML
  • MDS
  • CMML
  • Pancreatic Cancer (PDAC)
  • Melanoma

List of Infection & Cancer Models

MHH Research Groups

MHH Research Group Patient Material Animal Models Established Methods
AG Heuser / Thol AML, MDS AML, ALL, CMML Genetic and xenograft mouse models, loss-of-function screens, genetic and phenotypic characterization of hematopoiesis; sensitive detection of mutations (NGS-MRD)
AG Vogel / Saborowski HCC, CCA, precision oncology CCA, HCC, PDAC, PDX, chronic liver injury models (FAH, MDR2, DEN, NASH/ASH) Genetic and xenograft models, organoids, multipsectral imaging, murine hepatobiliary surgical techniques (e.g.partial hepatectomy, intrabiliary injection); Investigator- Initiated trials (hepatobiliary)
AG Falk NSCLC, explanted lung tissue as comparator (Coop. Jonigk) NSCLC Fresh lung tissue preparation für FACS, T cell assass, single cell mRNA Seq (Seqwell, 10X CITE Seq), Microenvorinment (Luminex)
AG Feuerhake Biopsy cohorts (translational biomarker studies) in collaboration with multiple clinical trials including TNBC, HCC, CAC, Sarcoma, … EBV + DLBCL / PTLD (in collaboration with AG Stripecke), NSCLC (in collaboration with Charles River, Freiburg) Highly multiplexed IHC (Vectra Polaris), computational & digital pathology approaches to spatially resolved TILs / TAM immunophenotyping
AG Göhring Myeloid neoplasia (AML, MDS, CMML, MPN…)   Targeted RNA sequencing, DNA sequencing (exom; custom panel for haematologic neoplasia), telomere length measurement (PCR, flow cytometry, FISH), cytogenetics (chromosome analysis and FISH); all methods are accredited

UMG Research Groups

UMG Research Group Patient Material Animal Models Established Methods
AG Chapuy Genomically characterized cohorts of aggressive lymphoma, total ~800 primary tumors
H. pylori
Preclinical models of aggressive lymphoma Lymphoma /Tumor (Epi)Genomics, chromatin biology, functional screens, modelling incl. PDX, analyses of cell death pathways, PD-1 mediated immune escape
AG Papantonis PDAC organoids / Glioblastoma GSCs   Epigenomics (ChIP/ATAC/RNA-seq), single cell genomics, chromosome conformation (Hi-C), genome scaffolding, DNA/RNA FISH, CRISPR editing
AG Ellenrieder PDAC Transgenic, snygeneic and PDX PDAC models; NASH/NAFLD models (Western-diet, TAA) RNA/ChIP-Seq, DNA damage detection (e.g Comet), primary Hepatocyte isolation, Er-stress signaling, CRISPR Cas9
AG Haase, INDIGHO3 AML, MDS, MPN   Chromosome banding analysis, FISH, Multicolor FISH, NGS, cytogenetics and NGS of sorted (MACS/FACS) cell populations
AG Heßmann PDAC Diverse transgenic PDAC models, syngeneic PDAC models, PDAC PDX models Chromatin immunoprecipitation, diverse biochemical analysis, mouse monitoring


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