Research Focus at CCC-N

In order to research tumors, their causes and, most importantly, new treatment approaches, specialized research personnel cooperate closely at CCC-N. There is a long tradition of international expertise at CCC-N, both in foundational and in translational medical research. This expertise allows translation of results from fundamental research to clinical care. These focus areas are reflected in our leitmotif: “Precision in Tumor Research and Patient Care”. Precision in tumor care is possible through comprehensive individual consultation and prognosis. 

For us, it is not only essential to discover potential interference points for tumor medications, but also to find molecular markers that can predict therapy resistance or unwanted side effects of medication. Therefore, a multitude of projects and research activities focus on discovering tumor specific medication attack points and their translation to clinical activity, as well as concentrating on improvement of assessment and care strategies in palliative and psychosocial care areas.

Research Programs

All research activities at CCC-N fall into one of three research programs.

Program 1: Genome Dynamics and Immune Regulation

Genome dynamics encompasses a myriad of critical processes including disrupted replication, mitosis, epigenetics, transcriptional control, and DNA repair. These fundamental mechanisms play pivotal roles in tumor progression, therapeutic responses, and the emergence of resistance. Moreover, genome dynamics can modulate immunoregulation through factors like DNA damage and distinct epigenetic pathways. Our objective is to holistically comprehend both - Genome Dynamics and Immunoregulation - in order to tailor novel therapies effectively.

Program 2: Stratification- Based Therapy

Stratification-based therapy in cancer is a treatment approach that tailors interventions to the unique characteristics of individual patients and their tumors. This approach maximizes treatment efficacy while minimizing potential side effects. The Stratification-based Therapy program includes biomarker development using large patient cohorts and biobanked materials, with a strong emphasis on clinical registries and biomaterial sampling through the Lower Saxony Unified Biobank (LSUB). The approach aims to identify patient subgroups for targeted clinical trials using also data science and imaging technologies.

Program 3: Prevention and Outcomes Research

CCC-N’s Cancer Prevention and Outcomes Research program combines early detection, treatment of pre-cancerous lesions, and outcome as well as implementation evaluation, including psycho-social, palliative, and supportive care. It uses imaging, pathology, and genomic sequencing data for early detection and large registries and epidemiological methodologies to analyze and optimize patient care.

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Young Researcher Programs

The CCC-N promotes young researchers by uniting special young researcher programs under the OnkoAkademie CCC-Niedersachen ® umbrella. The Mildred-Scheel-Academy at UMG, supported by German Cancer Aid, plays a large role in palliative care research. Additionally, both locations support a multitude of projects by young researchers through special recognition of their achievements: for example, the Max-Eder-Young-Researcher-Program, financed by German Cancer Aid. Beginning in medical school, we support young scientists through the Curriculum Oncologicum, which includes oncological electives for students. Researchers can pursue and present their own research projects within the framework of the Young Scientist Network and the associated annual Young Cancer Scientist Symposium.

In all research projects, the CCC-N closely cooperates with its partners – for example the Lower Saxony Unified Biobank, pathology centers, and the clinical trial centers. Moreover, the CCC-N is part of several national and international joint projects. The CCC-N additionally offers new and innovative interventional concepts in clinical trials for different tumor groups.

Cancer Club at CCC-N

The CCC-N Cancer Club is a series of talks organized by Prof. Gudrun Göhring (MHH) and Prof. Günter Schneider (UMG) of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Niedersachsen (CCC-N). The CCC-N Cancer Club is intended to foster interaction between cancer researchers at the MHH and UMG and is a flexible format allowing to present and to discuss cancer research – from the idea to the finished project. 

Interviews with Researchers in Oncology

Here researchers involved in oncology research in Göttingen or Hanover answer interview questions. They provide insights on their career, current research and used methods and they report on the challenges and motivation of their research activities.

Digital Oncology Conference 2023

The "Digital Oncology Conference - a CCC-N and Else Kröner Symposium" took place on March 15 and 16 2023 at the Messe Hannover. Participants exchanged with national and international speakers on potentials in digital oncology and cancer research.